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About Perpetual Motion Animal Chiropractic


Perpetual Motion Animal Chiropractic has been in existence since February 2010 upon Dr. Rebecca Amstutz finishing her animal chiropractic certification. She started this business out of love and passion for animals and chiropractic and also because of the recognition for the unique and special bond between people and their pets. She has seen firsthand two very different stories that have demonstrated the life changing and life saving benefits of animal chiropractic.

Our Mission

"Recognizing the unique and special human - animal bond it is our mission to preserve and improve the quality of life for animals and peace of mind for owners with safe, effective chiropractic care"

Animal chiropractic is similar to that of chiropractic for people. When a joint isn't moving properly, it disrupts the messages that nerves communicate to the rest of the body. The body parts and organs that are reliant on these malfunctioning nerves suffer-which can lead to a breakdown in functionality, causing many common and chronic health problems. Animal chiropractic or chiropractic is based on detecting and correcting those joints that are not moving properly so that the body can restore itself to health. Chiropractic care for animals offers a natural way of healing your pet, but is not a replacement of veterinary care.

Core Values

*  Honor of the very special and unique bond between people and Animals.
*  Promote whole health of animals through education and the life supporting benefits of chiropractic care.
*  Care for the well being of the community through giving back.
*  Respect for other professionals; their knowledge and role as vital team members for client care.
*  ROCKSTAR * service to pet and pet owners: Respect, Integrity and Quality!!!!

Is it safe for my animal?

Chiropractic care for animals is extremely safe when applied by a trained professional. Many animals become very relaxed during the treatment and they are very excited to come back. In the state of Minnesota, by law, a chiropractor must hold additional training and be registered with the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners in order to provide chiropractic care to an animal.